Provincial Team

Provincial Team

Ontario Edu Student Twitter Chat (@ONedSsChat) was founded by Leigh Cassell in the Spring 2017 to connect K-12 students across Ontario and empower student voice. #ONedSsChat creates opportunities for students to network with others, gain perspective, build character, explore relationships with new learning partners in a literacy-rich learning environment, experience social media as a powerful platform for learning, and establish a positive digital footprint.

Provincial Ontario Edu Students’ Chat Team

Darcie Brohman, Student Lead

My name is Darcie Brohman and I am grade eight student at G.D.C.I in Goderich. In my spare time I enjoy traveling and writing. I also enjoy playing competitive hockey and many other sports. When I grow up I hope to get a hockey scholarship and study humanities and social sciences at university. Last year, I did a lot of work in my homeroom around “what the world needs next” and taped, wrote and blogged a number of my feelings and research around different topics. For my final project I did a inquiry on women’s rights in Pakistan and organized a staff baking auction at my school, raising money for the Malala Fund. I hope to one day join the United Nations, because I believe no matter who you are, what you believe or where you live, we all deserve equality and a voice. That is also why I joined ONedSsChat, because I believe all students have the right to a voice in and outside of the classroom.  @BrohmanDarcie

Catalina Musteata, Student Lead
Catalina Musteata is a grade 11 student at Cardinal Carter Catholic High School in Aurora, Ontario. She is an IB student with a great passion for learning, so she spends most of her time studying, exploring the world and finding new adventures. She LOVES reading books and is also passionate about French culture and language. She is the president of the school French Club and is an active member of her school community. Catalina enjoys travelling and making new friends.

Gobi Mathiyaparanam, Student Lead

Gobi is a Grade 8 student from Bell High School. He is a passionate and enthusiastic learner who always tries to keep a positive attitude. He knows three languages: English, French, and Tamil and he hopes to soon learn Spanish. Gobi is a very social person, and when he isn’t talking to someone, he is reading, sleeping or trying to learn a new skill. Gobi’s goals for this year include learning Spanish, developing a Twitter presence, and helping out with #ONedSsChat.

Sam Nolan, Student Lead

I am in grade 7 and go to school at North Perth Westfield Elementary. I love coding, helping out around school and now I am also looking forward to helping out with the Ontario Students’ Twitter Chat. My hobbies include playing the clarinet, swimming and playing baseball and basketball.

Rylin Wormington, Student Lead

Rylin is 13 and goes to Howick PS. She is a tech savvy girl. She can code a robot, set up a website and Rylin is now looking forward to helping with the Ontario Students’ Twitter Chat. Rylin’s hobbies include playing many musical instruments, listening to many genres of music and watching HGTV with my family. Some of Rylin’s accomplishments are passing Swim Kids 10, completing her babysitting course, and receiving a orange belt in karate.

Leigh Cassell, Provincial Team

Leigh Cassell loves kids. She is an innovator, adventurer, and partner in learning with teachers and students around the world. Leigh works as an AMDSB Technology Coach and she is Founder & President of the Digital Human Library. For the past 13 years Leigh has been teaching students in K-8 with a focus on integrating technologies effectively to inspire learning, create global connections for teachers and students, develop 21st Century Competencies, and prepare students to succeed as next generation learners. Leigh is an Apple Distinguished Educator, certified Google Educator, SMART Certified Interactive Teacher, and Co-Founder of A Kids’ Guide to Canada.

Digital Human Library  |  EdTech Learning Community

Jennifer Casa-Todd, Provincial Team

Jennifer Casa-Todd is wife, mom, and a Teacher-Librarian at Cardinal Carter CHS in Aurora, a former Literacy Consultant for the York Catholic District School Board,  and the author of the book, Social LEADia. She also is a grad student, and a food-loving, book-loving Ukulele player-want-to-be. She is passionate about showing teachers and students how they can use technology and social media to make the world a better place. ​

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Brock Baker, Provincial Team

Brock Baker is an experienced Canadian high school educator, speaker, writer, analyst, consultant and project manager.  In collaboration with his students he co-founded the provincial wide sharing network @ONThoughtBakery in 2015 and in 2016 started the student educational conference #OwnYourEd.  Brock is a frequent speaker and organizer at edtech conferences, sharing his expertise in eLearning, blended learning, and philosophy of educational technology.  He is constantly exploring new ways to engage students to develop the critical knowledge, skills and attitudes required for responsible citizenship and healthier lives.


A special thank you to our past members of ONedSsChat:


Ella Grace Craig (student)

Allison Fuisz (teacher)

Austin Gagnier (student)

Nicole Kaufman (teacher)

Lindsey Keene (student)

Nigel Klemencic (student)

Emiliano Laing (student)