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Ontario Edu Students’ Chat (@ONedSsChat) was founded by Leigh Cassell in the Spring 2017 to connect K-12 students across Ontario for the purpose of discussing topics related to character education, social justice, and citizenship. #ONedSsChat creates opportunities for students to network with others, gain perspective, build character, explore relationships with new learning partners in a literacy-rich learning environment, experience social media as a powerful platform for learning, and establish a positive digital footprint.

Provincial Ontario Edu Students’ Chat Team

Ella Craig, Student Lead

My name is Ella Grace Craig, I am 11 years old. I love all types of animals and hope to become a veterinarian one day. I have already picked out my college and planned my first job. Most people call me organized and determined. My personal interests include figure skating, gymnastics, art and baseball. I am an intermediate figure skater and in my first year of figure skating I won skater of the year. My first year of gymnastics was last year and I won second overall! In my free time I enjoy painting and drawing because it is very calming and relaxing. After I graduate I have my heart set on joining the peace core, then travelling the world!


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Austin Gagnier, Student Lead

Austin is a Grade 10 student and goes to Ridgetown DHS. He spends most of his time coding something personal or preparing for his school’s Coding Club. His school’s Coding Club started in 2014 when he brought the idea to his librarian. Since then, they have one a $2600 STEM Grant from Best Buy to purchase more technology. Other hobbies Austin enjoys are photography, sports and writing.

Austin Gagnier

Lindsey Keene
Lindsey Keene, Student Lead

Lindsey Keene is grade 11 student at Clarington Central Secondary School and one of the two Student Trustees of the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board. She represents over 31,000 students at the board level and shares student and school successes with other trustees in the board. She is an avid supporter of the arts – especially theatre and instrumental music – in the past, she has acted with the Capitol Theatre and played percussion in the La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra. At school, she is the Minister of Records in student government, captain of the Improv Team, percussionist in the Wind Ensemble, photographer for the yearbook, and member of her School Reach Team. Lindsey has been an advocate for student involvement for a very long time, and strongly believes in the importance of the student voice. She is very excited to be a part of #ONedSsChat as it amplifies the student voice across the province.


Nigel Klemencic, Student Lead

Nigel Klemencic is a high school student in 12th grade in Clarington, Ontario. He spends most of his time studying linguistics, learning Norwegian, traveling, or with friends. He loves opening his eyes to new ideas and hearing other people’s stories. In the future, he would like to go into teaching and working to make the best environment possible for students. 

Emiliano Laing, Student Lead
Emiliano Laing is a grade 10 student at Cardinal Carter Catholic High School. He was chosen to represent Ontario students to the Minister of Education through the Minister’s Student Advisory Council. There, he focused on student wellness, specifically on the rights of LGBTQ+ students in schools. He also served on the Ministry of Education’s Student Well-Being Advisory Committee, acting as a stakeholder and voice for students during consultations. He strongly believes in the importance of student leadership, student success, and 21st century learning.  @EmilianoLaing

Catalina Musteata, Student Lead
Catalina Musteata is a grade 11 student at Cardinal Carter Catholic High School in Aurora, Ontario. She is an IB student with a great passion for learning, so she spends most of her time studying, exploring the world and finding new adventures. She LOVES reading books and is also passionate about French culture and language. She is the president of the school French Club and is an active member of her school community. Catalina enjoys travelling and making new friends.

Sam Nolan, Student Lead

I am in grade 7 and go to school at North Perth Westfield Elementary. I love coding, helping out around school and now I am also looking forward to helping out with the Ontario Students’ Twitter Chat. My hobbies include playing the clarinet, swimming and playing baseball and basketball.

Rylin Wormington, Student Lead

Rylin is 13 and goes to Howick PS. She is a tech savvy girl. She can code a robot, set up a website and Rylin is now looking forward to helping with the Ontario Students’ Twitter Chat. Rylin’s hobbies include playing many musical instruments, listening to many genres of music and watching HGTV with my family. Some of Rylin’s accomplishments are passing Swim Kids 10, completing her babysitting course, and receiving a orange belt in karate.

Leigh Cassell, Provincial Team

Leigh Cassell loves kids. She is an innovator, adventurer, and partner in learning with teachers and students around the world. Leigh works as an AMDSB Technology Coach and she is Founder & President of the Digital Human Library. For the past 13 years Leigh has been teaching students in K-8 with a focus on integrating technologies effectively to inspire learning, create global connections for teachers and students, develop 21st Century Competencies, and prepare students to succeed as next generation learners. Leigh is an Apple Distinguished Educator, certified Google Educator, SMART Certified Interactive Teacher, and Co-Founder of A Kids’ Guide to Canada.

Digital Human Library  |  A Kids’ Guide to Canada  |  AMDSB EdTech Learning Community

Jennifer Casa-Todd, Provincial Team

Jennifer Casa-Todd is wife, mom, and a Teacher-Librarian at Cardinal Carter CHS in Aurora, a former Literacy Consultant for the York Catholic District School Board,  and the author of the book, Social LEADia. She also is a grad student, and a food-loving, book-loving Ukulele player-want-to-be. She is passionate about showing teachers and students how they can use technology and social media to make the world a better place. ​

Endless Possibilities

Nicole Kaufman, Provincial Team

Nicole Kaufman has a love of learning and sharing. Qualified as a Kindergarten to Grade 12 teacher, she has a vast knowledge of the different skills needed to teach at any age or developmental stage.  Student voice and connected based learning opportunities are the central focus of Nicole’s practice.  Nicole has been innovative in the creation of new projects within the AMDSB. She is proud to be the creator and moderator of the #AMDSBkidschat on twitter, a member of the New Literacies Team, a member of the Connected Learning Partnership Team, and most recently a member of the #EveryoneCanCode PLC in AMDSB. While Nicole finds passion within the classroom her skill sets and interests extend into areas such as music, photography and volunteering. In all that Nicole does, whether in school or out, she continues to inspire in children and adults an appreciation of how their lives are continuously enriched through the process of learning.

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Brock Baker, Provincial Team

Brock Baker is an experienced Canadian high school educator, speaker, writer, analyst, consultant and project manager.  In collaboration with his students he co-founded the provincial wide sharing network @ONThoughtBakery in 2015 and in 2016 started the student educational conference #OwnYourEd.  Brock is a frequent speaker and organizer at edtech conferences, sharing his expertise in eLearning, blended learning, and philosophy of educational technology.  He is constantly exploring new ways to engage students to develop the critical knowledge, skills and attitudes required for responsible citizenship and healthier lives.


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Allison Fuisz, Provincial Team

Allison Fuisz is an enthusiastic learner from Ottawa, ON, who ditched the traditional ‘teacher’ desk in favour of a co-learning space with amazing students. She has her Masters in Professional Education with a concentration in Student Voice and digital tools. Everyday she enters her co-learning space with an attitude of gratitude and PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and hopes that her students do too. On the side, she is the co-founder of #ONedchat and is a firm believer in the world becoming a better place for all with the UN’s Sustainable Global Goals.

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